February blues...

We're finally getting longer days, sometimes the weather feels almost,  slightly warmer and there's a feeling of spring in the air, yet I still intensely dislike February.

I get like this every year; pay seems to be stretched thinner even though the month is shorter, winter still isn't over and I always end up super busy with work related things! February is definitely my worst month of the year, it's the one I look forward to ending each year and the one I dread beginning. January has fresh start vibes, March is longer days and spring feelings, April brings Easter and holidays,  May is when it really starts to feel warm, June, July and August are summer, September is birthday month and autumn, Halloween October, wintery November and finally, Christmas's December! 

I guess February is especially terrible this year as I'm having a I'mNotInTheRightCareerButWhatDoIDoWithMyLife crisis, my car is falling apart and I have about a billion other adult borrowing money things which means the good parts of February are being capped due to funds!

Anyone else have a miserable month? A point in the year they hold their breath through and wait for it to end?

Here's to February,  may it be over soon!

- A Twenty Something

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