Vicks and Valentine's

Happy belated valentines day!

I spent mine curled up in bed covered in Vicks! Call it a professional hazard. My career kinda leads to catching just about every cold, bug and virus going around!  So there I was, with plans to go out for cocktails and dancing with some university friends, laid up on the sofa watching The Green Lantern with my parents. Whilst Ryan Reynolds went some way to making my Vals day a little nicer on the eyes, I'm gutted I had to spend the day feeling sorry for myself when I should have been out!

Don't you hate it when a plan doesn't go the way you want? You spend weeks planning, getting everyone together and then bam, you're stuck in bed surrounded by tissues and pain killers!

As and singleton I must say I don't revel in the thought of loved up couples posting their happiness on Facebook and instagramming photos of their 'perfect day' but I still love the idea of it. Not the commercial side, the real side! Did you know that St Valentine used to marry people secretly in his home breaking the laws so that people in love could be together? He then got beheaded for his actions and that's why we celebrate it, not so give someone a bunch of flowers and a tacky card, but to show love has no limits or laws, love is love is love.

Someone I know posted a 'Happy Straight Day' post on Facebook, it shows how much Valentine's day has changed. The point of the day is not to make people feel excluded but to remember the beauty of people being united, regardless of law, prejudice,  or hate. It is simply about love,  so that status really irked me, it went against the essence of what it should be and made it a political statement which was completely contrary to what the statement should have been!

I don't know how this turned into a rant, the beauty of being ill and blogging I guess! 

All the Valentine's day love in the world,
- A Twenty Something

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