Flight thoughts...

Today I woke up at 5am, at 6am I arrived at the airport and at 9am our plane had final found its way into the sky. I spent my time filling in crosswords from the free newspapers and staring out of the window. I spent those moments thinking.

I've never been afraid of flying,  the clouds make me feel safe. They look like these beautiful soft pillows that need exploring. Today it looked as though someone already had. There were trails through the clouds, paths intertwining with each other, leading their way through the sky to yet more fluffy bliss. I then imagined the person who could have made those paths, they must have been so free and tranquil as they traversed the foothills and valleys of the sky, they must have walked with such grace that they left the beauty behind with more unique beauty traced in their wake and they must have been a dreamer. My cloud walker wasn't someone scared of risks or scared of falling, they were completely ready to explore the world and they'd finally learnt it's most sacred secret. One day I will be a cloud walker, I won't be afraid of losing that invisible net below me instead I will be reaching for the scissors to cut myself free from the restrictions it gives me. One day I will not fear the ifs, ands and maybes that creep in to plant their doubt. I will be a cloud walker, a dreamer and an explorer.
I also noticed the ground. It was a beautiful blanket of hills and towns woven into the ground.  The fields made it look as though someone had stitched them together so that, whilst they are each alone, they simultaneously work as one. I like the idea of earth being a crumpled blanket which has never been straightened out in the race to complete it. Earth, although it came to be many millennia ago, has never completed itself. It still changes everyday, volcanoes erupt,  plates shift and the world changes. It will never stop changing, like we will never stop. It is a crumpled blanket slowly being tugged at.

- The late night ramblings of A Twenty Something

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