Barry M Sunset Nail Varnish Review

If, like me, you are forever living in a perpetual realm of chipped nails then I would definitely recommend giving the Barry M Sunset collection a go! Barry M has always been a favourite of mine, they have good coverage and have good staying power, especially the various glitter shades they have, and I myself probably own around 100 Barry M nail polishes. (I have a problem, is there self-help groups for this sort of thing?) 

With the Sunset collection you have to buy the nail polish and the top coat. Together, in natural sunlight, I repeat, in natural sunlight, they cure and harden to have a high gloss manicured finish (unless your paint job is as terrible as mine, I'm doomed to have imperfect nails) which looks like you have spent hours at the salon with your hands under lights! I don't know how they do it but somehow natural daylight offers the same effect as the UV lights used in salons, I'm going with magic. 

I have on the colour Peach For The Stars and I am in love! It even drys quickly as well! 

I would definitely recommend the range and I will be returning to add a few more colours to my collection! 

- A Twenty Something 

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