The Book

I'm writing a book. I am 40,000 words in. I am around 10% of the way to achieving my dream. Author. I say 10% because once the book is complete I still have the upward battle of convincing others to read it. I have to decide between self-publication and finding a publisher, whether to call it This or That, and, I am sure, a thousand other things as well.

My book.
It is a mystery and an adventure, it is for teenagers but has been read by adults (my amazing family/ proof readers). It is an idea I picked up on Tumblr, of all places, and yet it is no longer that idea at all. It is about sacrifice and mirrors and life and death. It is a piece of me, possibly my favourite piece, and it is everything I want to do with my life and more.

It is petrifying to write, I am nearing the highlights of my characters' journey and I am scared to write them. I feel like they are real, like killing one of them or hurting one of them is me hurting a friend. I am scared to share it with the world, to have it out there for real people to read, to hold, to judge. I am not someone who puts themselves out there, even this blog has hidden my true identity, but I am someone who will fight for their dream. I have a barrier to crack and I am going to slam myself at it at full force because, even if it doesn't break, my dream deserves that much.

So world. Here it is. My declaration of authorship. I will, by 2017, have a book. It will be published or on its way to being published in some form and, even if it isn't successful, I will be able to hold my head high, raise a black marker in the air and put a firm tick in the box saying dreams, as mine will be accomplished, at least on some level.

Come at me world, because I have a book for you to read.

- A Twenty Something

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