The Positivity Test

Every night, before I fall asleep, I try to go through a mental checklist, one I have taken to calling The Positivity Test. I have decided, as a kind of make-sure-I'm-heading-in-the-right-direction thing that I want to fill each day with at least 3 positive things. Today's checklist will go:

1. Met up with old friends
2. Wrote a blog post
3. Drank enough water for once!

The checklist doesn't have to be "conquered the world, climbed Everest, painted my nails without a single smudge" type goals, it just has to be 3 things I am happy I have done.

I feel like going to sleep with positive thoughts means I wake up feeling a little bit more positive and productive! It is as though I have given myself a high five and it is great. It makes me feel better about myself to think "ok so your hair wasn't on point and your nails were chipped but you accomplished some miniature goals today and that's what counts."

Be happy, keep smiling, be positive!

-A Twenty Something

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  1. I definitely need to remind myself to be more positive. Thanks for sharing!
    Morgan |