Dear the British Government,

Dear Government,

As I plan for the week ahead I find myself facing questions with my planning and I hope you will be able to help. I do not seek the knowledge of all but the knowledge of the majority who made the historic decisions we have just seen. Of those who have decided that a gesture of bombs is more beneficial than a branch of support, a hand of hope and an action of strength.

I have planned to teach children in PSHE that under no circumstances should you hurt people or retaliate, instead you should seek support of an adult who would enter the situation with a level head and use words not violence to find a solution. That if they are hit then they should not hit back as that will cause a fight but instead should allow the teachers to deal with those who throw fists by taking away their chances to throw fists anymore. I am trying to teach our future that violence is never the answer and that if you see someone being bullied you should not shout or hurt in their defence but should instead come to the aid of those who are hurt and give them support. Meaningless acts will not pave way for a better tomorrow, unity and education will. Please therefore, tell me how I use the latest acts of the government as an example? How I tell them that an act of violence is better as a token than getting to the ground and working with a country in crisis to rebuild, strength and remove the threat.

In history we are studying the atrocious acts of the past and how decisions made by a room of people led to millions of deaths. I will tell them of George Santayana's quote "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it". The children are bright and are likely to ask about what is happening in today's world. Have we forgotten, not only of the acts of war which brought more deaths than conceivable but also, of the way that many fled from war zones to find refuge in other lands? Please tell me how I answer their questioning in a way that still shares British values but also answers them truthfully, as I sit here searching for the correct answers.

It is my job to teach children that they will have a bright future, that they are our future but what kind of future are we making for them? Will the children enter a future they feel safe in or a future where they are petrified of their neighbour? It is not our future we are destroying. As you add pages to the history books please promise me you are thinking about more than grand gestures. Please promise me historians will not be writing the same words but with different dates. Please ensure that all children from across the world will be given the opportunity to see their future. Don't destroy their hope.

With waning confidence,
A Twenty Something

"Older men declare war but it is youth that must die." - Herbert Hoover

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