Pay someone a complement...

Last night I went to a bar, as most twenty somethings do when they don't have work the next day, and I met a guy. I'm not going to write about that because it wouldn't make an interesting story, not a lot happened. I want to talk about that boost of confidence.

It is so strange how a guy telling you you look nice or a friend of a friend complementing your hair can boost your confidence. I've been wondering through life a bit this past year and it is in those moments where a stranger pays you a complement or your boss tells you that you are doing well where you pause for a moment. Sometimes I think we forget about those moments and we forget to make our own. Imagine being the reason someone felt better about themselves today. So that is my target. 

I am going to try and help 12 different people by 2016 as a kind of belated Christmas challenge. I want to be the person who let someone with 1 item cut in line or be the person who helped carry that buggy up all those steps. I want to be the reason someone sees a little bit of good in the world and I want to really try and make the effort to do so. Sometimes I think we find ourselves so wrapped up in our own worlds (especially when people are rushing around at Christmas) to spend time helping someone else's world become a little bit brighter. 

Be the bright moment, be the complement, be the smile. 
That's my end of year challenge.

- A Twenty Something

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