35 Things I have done when I should be working...

1. Painted each nail, toes included, a different colour.
2. Reorganised all of my storage.
3. Re-reorganised all of my storage.
4. Started writing a book.
5. Got better at uploading onto my blog.
6. Read 4 different novels.
7. Tried to teach myself yoga.
8. Gone to London.
9. Twice.
10. Gone to the gym.
11. Caught up on TV.
12. Watched a film.
13. And another one.
14. Plus one more for good measure.
15. Youtube.
16. Twitter.
17. Facebook.
18. Instagram.
19. Imgur.
20. Pinterest.
21. Browsed online shops.
22. Browsed real shops.
23. Dog walks.
24. Sang Let it go at the top of my lungs.
25. Asked strangers if they want to build a snowman.
26. Looked at holiday destinations.
27. Checked bank account.
28. Looked at cheap holiday destinations.
29. Sulked when I realised my budget stretches too a 2 night stay in Blackpool.
30. Gone out on the town.
31. Stayed in bed regretting number 30.
32. Redecorated my room.
33. Drawn things.
34. Drawn more things.
35. Made a list of all the things I have done instead of doing work!

- A Twenty Something


  1. Haha, the joys of procrastination. At least you actually did something though, even if it wasn't working!


  2. Oh my goodness, this is too funny! We all do it!


  3. Great post <3


  4. This is so funny but still true :))
    great post!!