Dos and Don'ts

A quick poem to remind myself and anyone reading that your life is for you to live so do it for you and be the best you you can be!

Dos and Don'ts
Do not seek perfection for it will never be found.
Do not hide your voice in an ocean of sound.
Do not stop dreaming because "it may never come."
Do not let your goals not have the platform to run.

Do take a moment to find beauty in the mirror.
Do take the steps to bring your dreams slightly nearer.
Do listen to the wisdom of those that you admire.
Do read from the words which awe and inspire.

Do not listen to those whose opinions don't matter.
Do not dull your shine because today you feel fatter.
Do not let the light disappear from your heart.
Do not squash your ambitions because you're to scared to start.

Do try to find a smile in each and every day.
Do seek to share happiness with every word that you say.
Do let yourself feel sadness and feel pain.
Do fight through the storm and sing in the rain.

Be selfless, be kind, be loving and true,
and make sure your life is being lived for you.

- A Twenty Something

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