Meet me down in Cornwall...

The following poem as part of my writing project is inspired by one of my favourite places, Cornwall. I took inspiration after being re inspired by Zoella's latest blog post. The final verse is in Cornish, which I am not great at so it probably makes no sense to native speakers, and was inspired by a poem I studied at university and have not been able to find since. Enjoy!

Meet me down in Cornwall...

The salted air blusters by,
the Seagulls squawk above.
The waves crash upon the rocks,
of the beach that I've grown to love.

The swing set creaks with missing seats,
the tree house aches and groans,
This playground is my childhood,
One of my second homes.

The old mills sit upon the hillsides,
showing the shadows of the past.
The workers have clocked out for good now,
but the buildings last and last.

Deep underground the mines run,
for exploring not for work.
Deep underground the mines run,
and down their some of my memories still lurk.

We'll head down St Agnes Way,
and find some homemade stores,
Then we'll travel to Philp's place,
and eat some pasties on St Ives' shores.

My mednes en-nas en Kernow,
Ple'th ow kara dhe bewnans gorwedha.
My mednes en-nas en Kernow,
An teller le may my mednes pub prys kara.

- A Twenty Something

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  1. What a great poem! xx