Resolutions vs Bucket List

This year I plan to begin a bucket list of 10 things I wish to achieve, this way I will not feel guilty for faltering nor will I live to the pressures of flimsy promises made whilst sipping bubbly drinks.

A Twenty Something's Bucket List

1. Travel somewhere for myself

I want to find myself upon a plane, a train, a boat or in a car going somewhere for me. I want to be brave enough to travel alone and still experience all life has to offer. Two work colleagues managed it in 2015 and yet somehow a voice still told me I couldn't. This year I banish that voice.

2. Write, write and write some more

I want to write more posts here; I want to finish writing my book; I want to write poems and stories; and I want to develop the craft I love so much. I will not set myself in boundaries and limits, I will try to keep to some structure but I will not let it define me. I will rediscover my passion and will develop it into some kind of profession (that end one will definitely take more than a year).

3. I will save money

I am horrendous at saving, I say I will and then I see a new pair of shoes or a pretty dress and my money instantly disappears but this year I aim to be and need to be different. In September I start a masters and they are far from cheap so I will save because saving takes me one step closer to my dreams. 

4. I will make an effort to be more social

The last year has been a very low year for me, probably the lowest I can ever remember. I would not say I had depression as I was never diagnosed but I would say it was definitely a year with a few meltdowns and I largely contribute that to my job. My work/life balance has been far from good and my resentment for teaching has led me to some very low points. This year I want to be more social, whether it be taking time to meet with friends or joining a society when I start university again, this time next year I hope I have found a way to surround myself with love as opposed to work.

5. I will add to my bucket list as new dreams and goals arise

Your list of to dos should never end. You should never reach the end of your dream. This list will never end, I will add to it and adapt it as I change and grow. Maybe I will add skydiving to the list, or maybe not! I do not know the future and one day at the beginning of 2016 is not the time to predict it. 

- A Twenty Something

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