Big Changes...

I have finally committed to my future. I have told everyone I am going to be completing a masters next year, I have received an offer, I have provisionally accepted and now I have confirmed my place.

It is the scariest thing I have ever done.

I love to write and writing is what I was born to do, I have no doubt that I will have a published book before I die, not because I am big headed but because I refuse to believe I won't achieve my dream, and I know that my career will involve writing, yet this is still petrifying. I am paying my own way and leaving a career to do so. I will have to resign from my current job and look for part time work to last me the year all so I can complete my degree.

The reason I started committing to this blog is so that I could continue to practice my writing and so that I could get used to writing on a regular basis so I cannot wait to bring this blog through the next whirlwind year. 

I will no longer be a teacher as of July, I will no longer be a teacher as of July, I will no longer be a teacher as of July. 

That needed saying 3 times to sink in. 

Perhaps then I might be willing to reveal myself without the worry of my school finding my blog. 

Here's to big decisions, new paths and dreams.

- A Twenty Something

(Disclaimer: Image taken from google images, I do not own the rights. (If only my and Leo were pals!))

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