Day 2 —Tell a story about a character who lost something important to him/her.

The haze of a new days shone brightly through the open curtains, the irritating beeping of the alarm stirred Lucy. Sleep fell from her eyes and the duvet was pulled tighter around her shoulders.
"Surely it can't be Monday already?" She mumbled, placing her feet onto the cold laminate flooring. Like something out of a low budget horror movie she made her way to the shower and spent the next few minutes pretending to be human whilst the lukewarm water ran over her.

After struggling with her jeans, that extra glass of wine was not a good idea, and applying her attempts at make up she made it out of the house and into the car, bags in tow. Starting the car and making for work she realised she had yet to drag a hairbrush through her knotted mane and so began to rummage through her bag. As she approached a traffic light she began to become frantic, she knew she had put it in there, she distinctly remembered grabbing it from her dressing table. Putting the car in park she diverted her attention from the road and begun to search every crevice in her bag, car horns blistered her ears as she realised the lights had changed.

Moments later she found her self at a roundabout, this gave her 10 seconds to undo her seat belt, check under the passenger seat, pray to every God she could, and hopefully find it. The race was on. Seat belt unfastened, prayer said, prayer said again, and once more for luck, bent over, arm under the chair, fingers on bristles, fingers cling to bristles, eureka, she had her hairbrush.

And that would be the story of my morning, remind me to buy an extra hairbrush for my car!

- A Twenty Something

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