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I have a condition called psoriasis, more specifically guttate psoriasis, and I have had it for more than half my life. Dealing with a skin condition is tough. I have had some horrendous comments made to me
 "Is is contagious?" "Can I touch you?" "What is wrong with you?"
and I have had to find my own way of dealing with those, something I will touch on in future posts, I have also had to deal with psoriasis pre-blogs and help pages. I have found my own ways to ease flare-ups and conceal it. So I have decided that over a series of posts I am going to share my experiences, what works for me and what doesn't and, most importantly, my story (including some more embarrassing moments). This is my final stage to fully accepting myself in my skin, sharing with the world my experiences.

 I always have 3 major problem areas for psoriasis on my face: my nose, my cheeks and my hairline. If you would like to find out how I deal with these, or if you want tips on how to help look after dry skin then keep reading!

Skin Care Products

My favourite brands to use on my face are Simple if I want a high street brand and Korres if I want a high end brand. I use a range of products from both so for some parts I will mention the different options depending on budget. I find that both these brands offer a large range of products which have been dermatologically tested and are safe for sensitive skin.

I've always found my skin does not want 50 different moisturisers, toners and whatever else put onto it, build up of product usually also creates build up of psoriasis, so I try to keep my skin care simple. I use a few products for cleansing and then a range of creams for moisture and psoriasis control with the exception of medicated creams, I feel as though those would need a separate post to go through their uses and effects!

Daily Routine

Every morning and evening I try and make sure I am washing my face and to do so I will either use...

Korres Mountain Tea and Betaine Cleansing Gel,
Korres Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion

The Korres products are brilliant. No other word for it but they come at a cost. I would recommend them to everyone with skin issues because they are just amazing as far as I am concerned but for a more affordable alternative I would use the Simple range.

Simple Foaming Cleanser,
Simply Eye Make-Up Remover Cream,
Simple Eye Make-Up Remover

Simple is and has always been a big go to brand of mine because the products are so kind to skin. These different face washes are so gentle and the foaming face wash is my go to shower face wash. Is it weird to wash your face whilst showering? You are already washing everything else so to me it makes sense!

Face wipes are also a big go to because, as good as we all try to be, life gets hectic and face wipes are just essential especially if you are going to the gym or anything else where a full face wash just wouldn't work. I use...

Simple Radiance Brightening Wipes,
Korres Milk Proteins Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Wipes
...and as you can see the Korres Milk Protein ones are very popular. Remind me to buy a new pack! The Korres wipes leave your skin feeling like a baby's bottom, they are so soft! The same can be said for the Simple wipes but I just find the Korres wipes are overall good all over the face, probably why they cost around £7 a pop!

Finally lets talk moisturisers...

Simple Protecting Moisture Cream SPF 30,
Simple Rich Moisturiser, Simple Light Moisturiser,
Oliatum Natural Repair Face Cream, Simple Night Cream
I use the Oliatum face moisturiser above all other moisturisers day and night. If you have time to leave it to sink in, say 10 minutes, then it will be fine under make up and at night time just slaver (I hate that word) yourself in it and you will be as soft as that baby's bottom I keep mentioning. (I sure hope that is a saying elsewhere in the world...)

If I can't get hold of it, because stocking seems to be a nightmare, I use one of the alternatives seen above. All very good but nothing beats Oliatum and I honestly recommend Oliatum to anyone with or without skin conditions, it is just that good.

The Simple SPF moisturizer is the only one that I put down the Oliatum for and only when I might get burnt, in other words I use it about 3 days of the year in England! It is great a protects your skin from the harmful UV rays which, as someone who gets to endure the joys of light treatment, is essential.

I really do sound like a Simple Ad don't I? I promise it is only because the brand is so good and affordable for my skin type but if they do want to sponsor my very small blog then I'd never say no!

What Else to Expect From This Series

I will be also writing about the following topics below:
My Skin Care Routine - Weekly/ Monthly Face
My Skin Care Routine - Body
My Skin Care Routine - Hair Care (Scalp)
My Make up choices - Good for Sensitive Skin
My Psoriasis Story
Staying Positive

If you do come across this and want the point of view from a psoriasis/ dry skin sufferer then fell free to comment with questions or suggestions of posts! 

- A Twenty Something

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