Those are a few of my favourite things...

As I am yet to reveal my identity, largely due to that whole teaching gig I've got going on, I thought I would share a few of my favourite things I have in my room instead!

1. Candles.

Ranging from Primark to Yankee
I love candles and will always have a couple burning in my room My current favourites are the Peach Smoothie and Sage and White Tea candles by Yankee Candle and bought from Tesco. I love buying the votive candles because they only cost £1 and last for a good few hours. It means you can change up scents more frequently without having to feel bad for spending loads every time. I've a "been there done that" kind of person so it is ideal for me!

2. Fairy Lights

Both sets bought from Primark
I have a grand total of 6 different types of fairy lights in my very tiny room. I also have 2 lamps, a light up sign and free standing light in my room. I live to be in bright spaces which is why another favourite of mine is...

3. This Lamp!

Lamp from Ikea
It is the one which hangs over my bed and it is massive. I have a free standing light over my bed as opposed to a lamp because I love reading at nighttime and hate not being able to see, It also makes a really nice feature in the room whilst being practical. Plus, who doesn't love a bit of Ikea?

4. Cushions

Quote and sequin cushions from Primark,
yellow "Hello Sunshine" cushion from Tesco
I used to have 22 cushions on my bed. Obsessed doesn't even cover it. I am down to a healthy 5 now which works a lot better and my room doesn't seem a mess if my bed isn't made! I love this one at the front because it is just a reminder to head in the right direction and, like the basic B**ch I am turning into, I love a good life affirming message here and there! Side note; Instant Happy is my favourite non story book. 

5. Flowers

Fake flowers and milk bottle both from Ikea
I could not keep a cactus alive, I'm being serious I kill one a few weeks back, so fake flowers is the way to go! I love that they add colour and life to the room. Everything furniture based is black and white and my walls are white yet my room is full of colour simply because of touches like these.

6. Lipstick Box and Lip Balms

Lip Balms and this box are all from Ted Baker
I got these 3 little lip balms in this box for Christmas and I am one of these people who can not through cute things away so the box is staying. I now have my go to lipsticks inside of it in front of my mirror and I keep the lip balms on top to remind myself to use them! 

7. Make-up Brush Holder
Make-up brushes range from Real Techniques to
Top Shop to So Eco,
the make-up brush holder is homemade
I love this make up brush pot and the fact that I made it is even better. It was super simple as well. I wrapped string around a solo cup using PVA to glue it on and once that was dry I sprayed it with copper paint. It is the perfect size and height to hold everything and it works really well. Love it.

8. Perfumes

Perfume by a range including Marc Jacobs, The Body Shop,
Viktor & Rolf, Ralph Lauren, D&G and DKNY

I love perfume and I always end up getting a bottle or two for most celebrations. My favourite high street scents are the fruit smelling ones from The Body Shop, they last really well and smell so good! I especially love the Tangerine scent! My favourite middle end (not really high end I'd say) include Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf and any by Marc Jacobs.

9. Starbucks Cup

Glass Starbucks Cup
I am all about the cups with straws trend. I love them. This is my favourite as it is the first one that I have found which is glass. I just prefer drinking from a glass as opposed to a cup, is that strange? This one is on the pricier range but it is great quality and super easy to clean!

10. Bunting

Bunting from an English Country Fair,
fairy lights from Primark
I had to finish a little bit British and I love this bunting. Some of the triangles have cute little dogs, others have spots and others have flowers. It frames my window perfectly and I love it. I also have miniature wooden bunting in my room and a massive Union Flag painting. 

So there are my 10 favourite things in my room, at some point I plan to do favourite make up, accessories and so on and then, once I have gone through my initial favourites, I will begin to post monthly favourites as bonus extra posts here and there!

What are you favourite things in your room? 

- A Twenty Something


  1. Does anyone have told you that you have a good taste and style? Loved everything! Now i want a pillow like that!

    Shannon I

    1. Aww, thanks! Checked out your blog and I love the style of it! I keep changing the layout of mine!


  2. I agree to all of these soooo much! I recently found collecting makeup brushes very addictive, so I'm planning to get more even though I've been buying new ones :D xx

    Kaylee | JK's Dawn

  3. I love candles and fairy lights! Makes me feel very cozy and at home!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  4. Nice post! #1 and #4 are my faves!

    Jeff. x | Blog | Bloglovin | Pinterest

  5. Such a cute post, I love most of these things too! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!