Being Gluten Free is Popular...

... and I am happy about it!

I have spent the last 10 years of my life trying to avoid gluten (to varying degrees of success) and it was extremely hard when I first began. Not because of my love of all things pastry or my insatiable need for French Bread but because there were no choices. I remember trying my first piece of gluten free bread and spitting it out again because it just tasted of the chemicals they had used to replace the gluten. I remember my mum sending me a chickpea based gluten free cake at university to try and the horrible grainy consistency of it. I remember the one shelf in the super market with a few gluten free ingredients that all tasted like cardboard.

About 10 years ago life for the gluten intolerant wasn't good. We had 3 choices, avoid all food with gluten, eat cardboard replacements, or eat gluten and suffer the ugly aftermath. But that has all changed. So thank you to the people who avoid gluten like it is a fashion trend and who boast about not being able to eat it because it has created a market for the foods I so desperately want and need. Companies are now putting cash behind developing food I can eat without worry. There are whole isles and fridge/ freezer sections in my local super market now that I can shop in without having to check the label and in the main areas there is more noticeable labeling as well. The prices could still be better but that doesn't bother me because I can eat burritos or pizza or pastries without panic. (Trust me as someone with Cornish blood, having my pasties back is a big deal and I've always homemade them so all I need is my gluten free alternatives for the pastry!)

I still can't wrap my head around why people are so eager to hop on the trend, maybe I am being harsh and it has just become a more recognised problem but I know of people myself who use it to be trendy and are then seen tucking into a not so gluten free pizza! I still don't get why people would want to say they have issues with gluten when us sufferers know that means you get cramps, bloating and unfortunate toilet situations but each to their own!

Now to convince people that the need for lay ins is a medical issue so that I can start work later...

- A Twenty Something

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