It is only 2 weeks until Easter (well actually 11 days, but who's counting?) so until then I need to do the responsible adult thing and dedicate time to my real job as opposed to the much more fun place where I ramble.

I've set myself the target of writing at least 7 posts in the Easter holidays and setting them for the 7 weeks I am working in the next half term but until then I haven't got time for this fun zone. (Bring on the final day of the school year where I will be jobless, responsibility-less and ready to dedicate time into the things I love!)

This blog is meant to be for me to practice my writing in time for my masters but no good ideas are going to come out of a stressed out brain at 10pm on a Sunday evening so there isn't any point pretending otherwise.

On the plus side, my brother did give me a master class on using my camera so expect a few good photos in the following posts.

I might see you next weekend, hell, I might even see you tomorrow, but don't count on it!

So until Easter (or before if somehow school miraculously comes with less work in that time) know that I love every comment, view and reader because it makes the author of this very small blog smile every time!

- A Twenty Something

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