Lazy Days, Cozy Days, Rainy Days

The raindrops raced down the window,
The flickering candle danced against the wall.
The sun made the odd appearance through the curtain,
and I did nothing at all.

I love lazy days, especially when it is raining. I spent today doing nothing but lounging. There is nothing quite like having a day to yourself without an agenda and without a task, just a day to do nothing. I sit here now writing because I like to write not because I have to. The best lazy days for me include films, sweets, hot chocolate and a big fluffy blanket whilst cuddling up to my dog. I've had so many cups of tea today that I need to drag myself to a shop tomorrow to buy more and I have watched so many films today that my eyes might permanently be square but I don't mind. I need "mental health" days where my mind can switch off and I can just be in a bubble of tranquility and that is what today was. I'm even thinking of taking it one step further and disappearing for a weekend of bliss and peace.

- A Zenned Out Twenty Something

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