I'm not ignoring you...

I'm just binge watching Gossip Girl.

Watching 4 seasons in 3 days is completely healthy right?

Does anyone else binge watch? I feel with Netflix it is the only way to do things. I'd say go hard or go home but we all know where I have spent the last two days.

Side note: I've been filming bits of my room for a more complete room tour because I completely went through it all, even my books are in alphabetical order! I was going to turn them into gifs for here but I might make a speech free video instead. I also might start making videos for some of my poems and short writing pieces just out of curiosity to see what happens and to see how visually creative I can be.

Now if you don't mind, I'm about to find out what happens to Chuck's family business, and don't shout spoilers, Gossip Girl is practically vintage!

- A Twenty Something

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