Custom Patch Shorts

I saw some amazing patch shorts on Asos but they were in the region of £180 and I could not justify that on shorts when England is sunny for about 3 days a year so instead I decided to have a go at making my own! These were easy to make but they took some time so make sure you are ready for a little bit of work! See how below...

Everything you need for this is in the picture above. 

The shorts are Levi and were picked up for £18 in a vintage shop down Brick Lane. I'd wanted to do this with Mom Shorts and these worked perfectly. I could probably have got some for cheaper but I wanted strong material as you need to stitch into it. 

The patches are also from around Brick Lane and around Liverpool Street Station. I think I spent about £25 in total and I could definitely of got them cheaper but I really liked these ones. The American Flag was only 50p from the same vintage shop but it meant it was pre-used.

Step 1
Decide where you want you patches to go on the front and back. I'd suggest taking a photo as well so you can 1, try a few different styles and 2, remember where you want them.

Step 2
You need to iron each patch on individually and you will want a piece of paper over the top when doing so. The patches tend to come up a little when the glue is tacky so the paper stops it from sticking to the iron.

Step 3
Stitch around the outside of each patch. I would recommend a good film or two as this takes a while, especially if you stab yourself like I did. Make sure the thread is the same colour as the edging of the patch to hide it. The closer to the edge you stitch, the less the edge will fray. 

Remember: If you are stitching in, on top or around a pocket, you do not want to stitch the pocket shut so make sure you are only going through the one layer.

Step 4
Iron the patches once more to make sure all glue is completely melted and they have the best bond possible. 

Step 5
Go out rocking your one of a kind shorts!

- A Twenty Something


  1. Omg, they're SO pretty! I've never tried to do anything DIY when it comes to my clothes, but this looks amazing :)

  2. So pretty!
    Good vibes, FOX
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