United we stand...

This is my open letter to the whole of the UK as we face new beginnings in the wake of the EU referendum.

As the UK sits on the edge of uncertainty, with an unprecedented decision creating a uneasy future, the United Kingdom is no longer united. Half the country sits victoriously and the other defeated. Our leader has deserted us and Scotland may leave us as well but now is when we need unity more than ever.

No, we do not know what will happen next. Article 50 will give us two years to fully leave, in which time we will follow EU rules but not get to voice our opinions on them but after that we will be essentially on our own, as the vote wished.

No, democracy has not failed us. We have voted and a winner has been decided. If democracy had failed we would not have had a vote for anything within our government.

No, we are not going to suddenly lose security; our national security will still be there, other countries will still want to share intelligence to keep their own countries safe as much as ours and our alliance with NATO still remains. After all, if we suddenly started a war with an Asian country, which countries lay between us and which countries may ultimately end up in the cross fire?

No, the NHS is not going to magically reform and fix its issues, nor is the education sector or the benefits sector and, unfortunately, the trains are still going to be late. This is not a magic fix but nor is it a death sentence.

Yes, things will change and things will probably cost more to begin with but we are not going to drop from being the 5th largest economy to the bottom over night (even if we have dropped to 6th right now).

We could all sit all day listing the pros and cons of something that has already happened or we can pull our trousers up, get over any grudges and unite to make our future the brightest it could possibly be. Just because you do not sit in parliament does not mean you do not have a voice. Together united we will prosper or together united we will fall. Now is where the decisions begin and now is where we need unity for a positive future.

As I would say to the children I teach; sulking for not getting you way will get you nowhere, joining in and working together will.

So please, whatever the future may bring, stand as a united kingdom.

- A Twenty Something

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