25 things I have learnt in 25 years...

1. No matter how much of fairytale it is, don't fool yourself with happily ever afters and don't worry what comes next because life has more to offer than a boy.

2. Following your dreams may seem impossible and reckless but if you don't do it, someone else will and they will succeed.

3. Live for you not anyone else around you.

4. You will gain more confidence helping others than you will wearing those new shoes you just have to buy.

5. Just because others have it worse, allow yourself time to fall down but always force yourself to get back up.

6. When making a cake, follow the instructions. Seriously. Remember your food project?

7. Rain doesn't hurt, dance in it and have fun, you will dry whilst you are laughing.

8. That tattoo you got at 18 on a whim wasn't the worst idea in the world as it reminds you to think through the more serious decisions whilst it also reminds you to take risks and live in the moment.

9. Your closest friends will find a way back to you but you have to reach out as well and it will be worth it.

10. Be a good daughter, your parents try their best.

11. Family isn't everything, surround yourself by love and not by blood.

12. Procrastination is your downfall, make plans and stick to them.

13. There is no use regretting things you can not change, learn from it and move on.

14. Be confident and brave.

15. No matter how brave you are, it is ok to be afraid of bugs.

16. You can convince yourself all you want that that dress that totally fitted 2 years ago still looks brilliant, just don't be surprised when the pictures tell you otherwise.

17. You can declutter, it might take you a week and several trips to the charity shop, but you can part with that dress from 2 years ago (yes the same one you decided to wear out the other night)!

18. 25 is not old. You have friends who party harder than you in their fifties.

19. You can't change your skin so love it, grow confidence from it and look after it.

20. Nothing will happen if you sit on your backside, don't wait for the next day to make a change.

21. You can celebrate Christmas as early as you like, you are an adult now, who is stopping you?

22. If you think it is a bad idea, it probably is but still make the mistakes anyway.

23. You can get through it.

24. Don't judge others for what they are doing, they can be them and you can be you.

25. Say yes.

It was my 25th birthday the other day and so I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the past 25 years and what I have learnt!

Here's to being half way to fifty!

- A Twenty (Five year old) Something!

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