So you're going to uni... What to do now?


Done? Ok? Make the most of this time before you start by trying to fit in time for a few important things...

1. See friends and family, even if you are living at home. I will be studying my masters from home but with university and a job I know that term time is going to be difficult to see people as regularly as I do now. Of course I still will, never let university take over, but I am making sure I take the time now to see everyone and catch up.

2. Check your reading lists and see which books you can borrow and which books you might need to buy but don't buy yet unless you need to have read it before you arrive! Set the money aside ready and wait until your course begins if you can. We got given a reading list which was over 100 books long (I kid you not!) and so I went out and diligently bought a few books from the list (maybe 10) and then got ready for using them. I only actually used about 3 of them and used the reading list more as a reference list for where to get information when writing essays, me and the friends I made also shared the books we had bought among the group to save money.

3. Check out the local area via google or in person. Having a sense of where the nearest supermarkets are and where you'll be heading on nights out will really help and will also make you really popular when everyone is trying to figure out where Tesco is for the first time!

4. Find out which halls you will be in and what the rules of the halls are. We had a cleaner in the kitchen once a week and after a few weeks and warnings, we finally found out we'd be getting fined £10 for having a messy kitchen each time, needless to say, every Wednesday after that the kitchen was tidy!

5. Find out what your halls and university are doing for freshers. Sometimes these are 2 different things so be careful, we all went out with our halls as the university offerings were not as good!

6. Start thinking about what to take with you, including any fancy dress. Think about things you use everyday and try to pack lightly if you are still able to visit home regularly. Your halls might have seemed spacious on tours and on the website but it is amazing how much or how little you can fit. It might be best to leave your 78 different nail polishes at home and settle for a few killer shades until you know you have the space. You especially do not want much if you have a halls you have to move out of each term! (Luckily, I didn't but I know some universities offer a shorter contract and rent out your room in the mean time!)

7. Do not panic, Even if you show up without bedding, a timetable which is completely wrong and no idea where your room is, you will be ok! University is as much about growing up and being completely out of your comfort zone to learn to fend for yourself as it is about your course. You will be ok, you can do this, it will be awesome!

- A Twenty Something


  1. This is such a great post for me! I'm now in my 1st year 2nd sem, but still got to figure a lot more with my college life..
    I think I'm having a little slump every sem and it sometimes really brings me down! But I plan to spend more time with my family this year & read good books! Thanks so much for sharing this xx

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn

    1. Thanks! Try and make the most of first year, what I'd give to go back to uni for the first time again! I'm super nervous this time around as masters students can be a mixed bunch from ages to personalities, fingers crossed I have a few lovely people to surround myself with and spend the year with!

  2. These are lovely tips :-)

  3. Sharing books is such a good idea... books can be so expensive!
    Aleeha xXx

  4. Amazing ideas, I'm currently studying IT online (open university), I'm looking to do photography or psychology maybe very soon as my 2nd course its never too late tolearn something new Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!
    Dominica from