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Anyone who has spent a few hours filling time on Youtube will know the curse of the Recommendations, it starts with a Zoella Favourites video of a Velvetgh0st make up tutorial, and before you know it you find yourself watching cats, soldiers returning home and gender reveals. I am not ashamed to say this has happened to me on more than one occasion but this time I've become Need-A-Youtube-Help-Group, Questioning-My-Life-Choices addicted.

It all started with a few videos on make up, which led to a few videos on pranks and before I knew it I was stuck in the Fifa hole. For those who don't know, I don't even own a games console and the closest I come to gaming is playing The Sims, so why Fifa? I have no idea.

I spent a few hours the other night watching Fifa, football and other games (mainly by the Sidemen) and I then spent another hour googling PS4 prices. Because somewhere in my sleep deprived brain, I decided that I should start playing games and, in my even worse state, start a Youtube channel for Sh** gaming because that's what people want, videos of some 25 year old girl who literally can't play at all posting videos.

Don't worry, I've come to my senses after about 12 hours of sleep.

But it got me thinking, what is the most ridiculous thing you could start a channel for and get views? I mean you can watch people open toys, eat food, sleep, and do just about anything else on Youtube so what is it you can't do?

I love that Youtube is the place for just about anything, I even read recently that someone had made a house from scratch by watching Youtube videos which is literally insane and incredible all at the same time. At some point (before I'm old and shrivelled) I'd love to have the confidence to post videos online but right now I'm happy having my irregular uploads here.

So here's my question to you, what is the strangest thing you've watched on Youtube after falling down the rabbit hole?

A Twenty Something

P.s. Check back in a few days for a post on Bullet Journals and why I am so disorganised, and a Urban Outfitters haul!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the photos and all were found via google images.

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